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Well, to a certain extent there are grains of truth in most of them.

[i:1rh037f3]-Nuns whacked children on the wrists with rulers if they misbehaved[/i:1rh037f3]
This did happen in some (if not many) Catholic schools in the USA around the 1960s and earlier.

[i:1rh037f3]-Catholics can’t eat meat on Fridays during Lenten season[/i:1rh037f3]
That’s entirely true – it’s for real, still exists, still the norm.

[i:1rh037f3]-Catholics made the sign of the cross[/i:1rh037f3]
Yep, we do that too, but sometimes Lutherans and Anglicans too.

[i:1rh037f3]-exorcisms are epic battles between the priest and the possessed[/i:1rh037f3]
maybe – I’ve never seen one (thank God) <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

[i:1rh037f3]-the Anti-Christ will come through the Catholic Church[/i:1rh037f3]
It’s possible, but probably not in the “Catholic Church is the whore of Babylon” way that some people are taught.

[i:1rh037f3]-the Pope is the head of the church[/i:1rh037f3]
Yes and no. The pope stands in as an ambassador for Christ. It’s all scriptural too.

[i:1rh037f3]-they use holy water[/i:1rh037f3]
We definitely do that too. <img decoding=” title=”Cool” />

[i:1rh037f3]-and the worst of these, that priests are lustful child molesters[/i:1rh037f3]
The truth here is that a small percentage of all the priests in the USA and worldwide are child molesters. The abuse scandal got a lot of media attention and many people, ones that are against the Church, unfairly characterize all priests as child molesters. It’s very sad, but not true. There are many, many good and faithful men who could never conceive of doing such harm to another person serving in the priesthood.