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I belong to a parish in which we serve the Precious Blood at all masses. It is not an easy thing to serve the Precious Blood at all masses. There has to be enough people to serve (Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion) and the amount of wine to use is sometimes challenging to estimate. If the Precious Blood runs out before everyone has received, at least all will receive the Body of Christ, and as stated earlier, it is not necessary to receive in more than one species. However, in the event that there is too much leftover Precious Blood, this is another matter. It must be consumed! Who consumes it? The priest? The EMHCs? It is not difficult to consume a small amount of leftover Precious Blood, but if it is a large amount, this can be a lot for the priest (or EMHCs) to swallow, so to speak!

I am sure many parishes simply do away with the stress of estimating the appropriate amount of wine to consecrate by declining to serve in both species.