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You are not replying to the arguments I suggest.

First, Aron uses the golden calf as the representaion of the Lord – He clearly said this is a God who brought you out of Egypt, and he said Isralits would have festival to the Lord, using the image.

Second, God proclaimed the act as “corrupt.” HE was not pleased with the representation of Him.

Plese, answer, according to these two points.

I am not against the scupture, itself. I am also really greatful because I was one of the extrem logics, who tried to throw every photo in my room. Now, I know I do not need to.

But, my argument is we must never make the images of God, the Father and the Son.

It is impossible for us not to distort the true images of God in our reproduction,

1 we are inferior to Him.

2 we have no memory of God’s physical image.

Remember, again, What we beget is only identical to us and what we creat is inferior to us.

Here, see what God is doing. I did not quote the bible out of the context. God, himself, proclaimed against Aron’s deed to represent him through the golden calf.

Please, reply to this argument.

Personally, Exposal to the icons and images of Christ made me more diffuclut to recognize true Him. I had been so preoccupied with the death of Christ, because all the crosses in my house suggested his death, not resurecction.

Unless some rituals work for evryone and are biblical, you can not universalize it.
The human reproduction of God’s images are impossible, unbiblical, not beneficial to anyone. It can really hurt some vulnerable unconcious minds.
The icons can work for you. But It does not give you authority to universalize it. It can either increase danger of corrupted misuse dramstically or hurt so many people who can not adapt themselves to the universalization.

Please, then, why do you think God was angry against Aron!
Please, give me any example that Israliets represened God the Father in their images in the biblical times!!!!

I was the very person who tried to defend Catholicism about this point as a catholic.

Please answer to my points!!!

I do not belong to any specific domination, now.
Please, let me learn from you, if I attack God’s true Church.
I, myself, cannot allow that to happen.

It seems many extreme protestans log in this webpage to debate, merely for the sake of debate. That is meaningless. We try to know the Truth, and when we know the Truth, eithher of us must desert his or her own thoughts. Truth is by nature exclusive. You are wrong or I am right. Let me be wrong, rather, if you are right.

Thank you for adding me to your prayer. My name is Andrew Keon Cha. Plase add my full name to your prayer, for God called me by name.

You were already added to my prayer.