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While I won’t address the article you link to because I did not write it nor was I involved in it in any way other than reading it a few years ago.

[quote:9tw5vhve]What I am longing to understand is why my Catholic brothers and sisters hold to the traditions passed down from the Papacy when if you have a look at the fruits of the Papal legacy there is so much evil, corruption and error.[/quote:9tw5vhve]
The Catholic Church is not a top down institution in that the pope makes up doctrine and we are all supposed to follow it – he is not a general, a dictator or anything like that.

And yes, the popes are still human and susceptible to sin, just like you and me. Unfortunately, many people in power over the course of human history have abused their power, even the popes.

However, since Catholic doctrine isn’t shaped exclusively by the pope the truth has been able to develop and be passed on for 20 centuries.