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[quote:21agc2dt]Catholics make more out of this then what it actually is, Catholics have twisted to such a distortion which is totally miss-representing the role Mary played.[/quote:21agc2dt]
I suppose your comment could be considered true if the only thing we had was the Bible, but Christianity came before the New Testament Scriptures so what we have is the faith that was passed on from the first believers and the Scriptures.

Arguably the Catholic view of Mary is based more on what was handed down than the Scriptures exclusively. So you could say that Catholics make it out to more than what it actually is, but that’s a highly contentious point.

[quote:21agc2dt]If we are to pay tribute to Mary, the way Catholics do, we are basically saying she had some part to play in the salvation of the world which God would not have been able to achieve without the special acceptance of a Mary herself.[/quote:21agc2dt]
Mary, undoubtedly, played a special role to Christians. In John 19:26-27 Mary’s motherhood is expanded beyond Jesus, to a disciple of Jesus.

It’s not that God couldn’t achieve the salvation of the world without Mary, but that God [b:21agc2dt]specifically chose[/b:21agc2dt] Mary to accomplish that task. We recognize God’s choosing of Mary as what makes her significant. Who else do you know was asked to bear the savior of the world into existence?

Mary’s acceptance of God’s calling for her is a model for all Christians to faithfully accept God’s will for themselves. God’s choice of Mary to accomplish this task says a lot about the person he chose and this is why Mary is so special, because God chose her.