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"The Cub":11iifsj5 wrote:
“Antichrist is, therefore, as we said, the offspring of fornication and is nurtured in secret, and on a sudden he rises up and rebels and assumes rule. And in the beginning of his rule, or rather tyranny, he assumes the role of sanctity. But when he becomes master he persecutes the Church of God and displays all his wickedness. But he will come with signs and lying wonders, fictitious and not real, and he will deceive and lead away from the living God those whose mind rests on an unsound and unstable foundation, so that even the elect shall, if it be possible, be made to stumble.” . (St. John Damascene, Doctor of the Church; An Exposition of the Orthodox Faith IV Ch. XXVI; Born 676 A.D.).[/quote:11iifsj5]
So does this mean the antichrist is an actual person or is the antichrist sin itself?

Think about it: sin appears good, at first, but really it enslaves a person pulling him or her away from God. Sin persecutes the Church by trying to press the church (the people) into committing sin through its deceit.