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Do I think the Masons are a dangerous organization? Yes, but not in the same way as those who wander in a world of paranoia and subterfuge.

Anyone who reads Pope Leo XIII encyclical on the Masons objectively will see that he did, and as it still has the force of law does forbid Catholics from joining the Masons under pain of excommunication. But why he does it is a far cry from the Paranoid rantings of One world government, and secret spy thrillers that would make Dan Brown blush when comparing his poorly written and historically worthless “Da Vinci Code”

What Pope Leo and the Catholic Church have condemned the Masons for are due to their secrecy, oaths of loyalty which subject initiates to follow the Lodge rather than the teachings of the Church. Masonic errors include the equality of all religious beliefs, both Christian and Non-Christian, a worship of Nature, a rejection of the divinity of Christ Jesus. In doing so no Catholic can join the Masons and remain Catholic. Masonry also promotes a society run only by natural law which allows divorce and other rationalist developments from the time of the French Revolution which itself was very anti-clerical, murdering many priests and religious, expelling more from France and compelling others to marry and publicly disown the Church. The Rationalists in France knowing that there would be many who rejected this move established a National Catholic Church which rejected the authority of the Pope. Which ties into some of the “Seers” mentioned in the spurious links in the above posting.

To sum it up, the Church did not condemn the Masons for sneaking around and trying to put their own man into the Chair of St. Peter as paranoid conspiracy theorists and false “Seers” claim, but rather because it poses a danger to the Faith of individuals who are influenced by it’s Rationalist and Egalitarian teachings.

Also please see the following links which debunk some of the “Seers” who submit their “Locutions” to be superior to what the Church has always taught, and like the Masons question the authority of the Church.