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"Victor":29op7u25 wrote:
Chiefu, I somewhat agree with you but see my first post (#6) and take the issue in light of the point I bring up. You seem to ignore the fact that there is a hierarchy in morality.

For that reason alone, one can’t use the tallying up system to vote, IMHO.[/quote:29op7u25]
Agree there is a heirarchy in morailty, didn’t think it applied directly to the point. And I think we agree on more than we differ. Womanizing and lying can’t be given too much wieght in the decision or else we wouldn’t elect anyone <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />

I was trying to illustrate that using only one issue, abortion in this case, as the only determining factor in who to vote for is not wise. First, unless enough anti-abortion officials are elected, no change in Roe v Wade is possible..a wasted vote. Simultaneously, while you may feel good that you have a anti-abortion guy in office, the rest of his policy/viewpoints will/may detrimentally affect you and yours. So using only abortion as the criteria, you have added nothing to the solution and added more problems to deal with (all hyptohetical at this point of course). If your candidate is against abortion but all for homosexual marriage and polygamy, did you win?
My point is when deciding on a candidate, we must take a wholistic view, not narrow our focus on just one issue.

Sorry if this is getting off Catholicism and into politics, but I think it’s relevant and linked.
Its not a secret that many politicians, on the national level for sure and likely at the state level, are corrupt morally. They are married with kids, and a mistress in a DC condo. There have been no ideal Catholic candidates for state or national office that I’ve been able find recently. best (term used loosely) example I can provide right now is Kerry v Bush. Kerry claimed to be Catholic, yet he espouses socialism. Socialism is anti-American no matter how you define it, and relgion, particularly Christianity, is suppressed and opporessed under socialism–the only god allowed in socialism is the State. Bush at least supported the military and does attend regular Christian services.
probly not the best analogy, but all I got right now.
So which is better, voting for a anti-abortion socialist (if there even is one) or someone who is pro-abortion but will protect your religous freedom?

I may have gone off topic, but I still think total package is better criteria than single issue. We currently live in this reality, and we should approach decisions in this reality from a Catholic viewpoint influenced by the realities of this world. (did that make any sense???)