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In our political climate, being a one-issue voter is, IMHO, dumb. Here’s why.

Lets stay with abortion as the issue. You find a candidate that is totally against abortion. Excellent. Now that same candidate is also a firm beliver that we need more government programs to support the “victim-of-the-month club” folks, so he will actively seek to raise your taxes. Also, since he loves the “victim-of-the-month” folk, he also seeks to eliminate or lessen restrictions on folks coming into this country. Now that they are here, this socialist wants to provide them with housing, clothing, a job, medical benefits, etc, and you, Joe Taxpayer will be required to pay for it. Which of course you obviously can afford to fork over more of your hard earned wages since you are “rich” by his definition (an arbitrary one at that) and “it’s the right thing to do”. next thing you know this guy who came over illegally has all his ammenities paid for (by you via the govt) his kids get free education and you’re now struggling to survive.

But you can rest easy, because your guy doesn’t support abortion.

It’s not easy in our political climate to choose the right guy. You have to take a total look at the persons’s positions, past history, and decide what issues you’ll compromise on.

Baby killing will never stop while our country continues is moral descent. I’m willing to compromise near-term on abortion, if I can get a guy who will ensure the security of our borders so that we have the security to re-focus our efforts on re-gaining lost Christian-based moral ground within our political arena. With that we should then be able to confront abortion. “You’ll never run a marathon without first having shoes”