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Some of the issues not delt with in the letter are that standing in line after the long trip on board steam ships, which where cramped and had poor food, air circulation, stench from people who did not travel by sea well was not a guarantee that you would be admitted to the USA after standing in line and swearing to obey the laws of the country. There where many who where put on the next ship out of the country because of fears that they would not be healthy and productive citizens. If you had blue lips, (sign of cardiac conditions) or TB or even where suspected to have a criminal past, you where sent home. America was looking for hard working men and women to help build the country. Once you got in, it was not easy. If you where Irish, or German, you may not get hired. Jews and Catholics where quite unwelcomed by most factories. It was not an easy life. But they did it. They came over and became Americans. This did not mean forgetting their past, but rather adding it to the tapistry that is America.