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Ron, the whole message of works of the law vs. faith was to help the Hebrew people see that one is not justified by simply going through the prescribed motions of the laws written in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, but that it requires a true conversion of heart to God.

You have yet to reconcile what the book of James says with your beliefs. You only say that [quote:1ms44ggz]you cannot put james against the rest of the Bible[/quote:1ms44ggz]
So, Ron, if James says something completely different than what you interpret the rest of the Bible to say, and the Scriptures are inerrant, and James is part of the Scriptures, then isn’t it quite possible that your interpretation of the other passages is incorrect?

How do you reconcile the plain language of James with the rest of the Scriptures without contorting the context and the subjects of which they speak?