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And you amaze me with your many postings such as these where you say nothing but
[quote:pl3eooz0]You continue to amuse me with your contortions and misapplications of Scripture.[/quote:pl3eooz0]

[quote:pl3eooz0]you continue to misrepresent what the Church teaches.[/quote:pl3eooz0]

[quote:pl3eooz0] A moment or two of honesty on your side could settle the whole matter.[/quote:pl3eooz0]

[quote:pl3eooz0] The problem is you prefer to teach what your anti-catholic sources define the Catholic Church as teaching, and quote one aspect of any given Catholic teaching out of context thereby distorting it’s meaning.[/quote:pl3eooz0]

[quote:pl3eooz0] Just as Protestants have distorted the Bible to form the four thousand or so sects that all disagree with each other, or worse go on to produce the People’s Temple, and Heaven’s Gate etc. Either way they end up corrupting the souls of many. [/quote:pl3eooz0]

I hope others see that you are the one posting personal attacks without any evidence except for an occasional Quote from some PERSON that you claim to be a “church father”

Which I have said means little in light of Galatians 1:6-9
I want Biblical evidence from you or don’t bother with your rhetoric, okay chum?