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Mr. LARoberts

[quote:fc9f94qq]I’ve read what everyone here, except Richard Bennet, (the only one of the group that you parallel with the Bible I have not heard of) I’ve even been to a couple of Mike Gendron’s seminars, and found none of them to give an honest portrail of the Catholic Church. [/quote:fc9f94qq]

Well then Mr. Sephardim, Let me who was raised a catholic give you with your converted method of interpretation inform you of a few things;
1 Richard Bennet’s web page (with history too)
2 you make a terrible couselor (in case no one ever told you)
3 for all of your postings you cannot tell me how getting washed by Jesus blood equals believing in purgatory, sacrementalism, the salvation by literal eating of your Host, need for a sacrimental priest, need for praying to anyone but God/Jesus, or believing not in Sola Scriptura. Now you and everyone else and their brother can say what you want about my views and/or medication if you want, but these things that I have listed are not taught correctly by the Roman Catholic Church and this I KNOW for a fact!
Ron K