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[quote:17m8t3ga]Doesn’t this notion conflict with the belief that God gave us all free will? Or does this mean he didn’t give Eve the gift of integrity and that’s why she was tricked by the serpent?[/quote:17m8t3ga]Integrity is like the antithesis of concupiscence.

Frank Sheed explains integrity thusly in Theology for Beginners:

“[Integrity] is perhaps the one we look back to with the greatest longing, for it means that man’s nature was wholly at peace; the body was subject to the soul, the lower powers of the soul to the higher, the natural habits wholly harmonious with the supernatural, the whole man united with God. … The gift of integrity, guaranteeing the harmony of man’s natural powers, has gone. Each of our powers seeks its own outlet, each of our needs its own immediate gratification; we have not the subordination of all our powers to reason and of reason to God which would unify all our striving; each one of us is a civil war.”

He goes on to explain that the loss of integrity is most easily and often seen in the passions (as gluttony, greed, lust, etc) and our imagination (as sexual thoughts, etc.).