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[quote:2r33uoiy]Yes you are. I would highly doubt it too because a true Christian has a changed heart to do what pleases God, not rob a bank and kill someone. If He was however perhaps that accident was not accidental at all for God disciplines His children….now don’t go away with out answering the question – what sins did Jesus not die for that you doubt His ability to clean one’s soul?[/quote:2r33uoiy]
Ron, do you understand the implications of what you just said? I knew that was the answer you were going to give too.

You more or less said:
[b:2r33uoiy] ¬? [/b:2r33uoiy]Real Christians don’t sin
[b:2r33uoiy] ¬? [/b:2r33uoiy]God uses tragedies to discipline people
Upon turning one’s life over to God one does not forfeit free will. Real Christians do sin and the notion that they can’t is utterly ridiculous. You’re blinding yourself by thinking you can’t sin. (1 John 1:8)

Again, we have free will. God doesn’t smite people like he did during the times of the Old Testament. He reserves that time for when you die and you will be judged. He uses hardships to draw people closer to him, but not to punish.