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Yawn. Same disproved rot I’ve seen copied from dozens of other people who want to tell God how to run things.

As for Jesus’ blood brothers, it shows a poor grasp of both the language of the time, and Jewish practices and law, all three which our Lord was observant about. If Jesus had Blood brothers (half brothers) through our Lady and St. Joseph, it would mean that He was seduced by the devil in the Jewish mind. At the Cross when he said to our Lady and St. John the Beloved Desciple, “Mother behold your son, and Son behold your mother.” He would have contradicted Halkalah by giving the resposibility over to someone who was not His blood relative, let alone brother. Anyone with basic Aramaic and (Biblical) Greek knows that the term for brothers, or rather the more correct translation perverted by Protestant writers who wanted to deny any special role the Mary plays in the process of our salvation knows it can mean brother, cousin or relative. But wanting to conform God to their own theology Protestants deny both an honest translation and the use of historical evidence that the Early Church honored our Lady. Archeology has uncoverd in the past fifty years Churches in from the second Century that are dedicated to our Lady. These where underground Churches during the persecutions, dating before the Protestants say the Church was founded under Constantine. (don’t forget Archeology as a science, vs. tomb robbers and artifact collectors and dealers is only around 100 years old.)

As we are dealing with someone who has fallen for the trap that Satan has set by the Sola Sciptura lie, making tearing the branches from the Vine in order to attempt to put emnity betweeen Christ’s Church and others professing to be part of the Vine, or rather the vine itself…. here is a link to multiple verses that support what the Church has always taught and held regarding the role our Lady played. Mind you rather than taking away from the graces of Christ and His means of saving us, it strenghtens Christ’s work which He asks us to participate in by running the good race, or working out our salvation in fear and trembling, (Both biblical admonishons that Protestants overlook as it does not fit the way they want salvation to work, nor take responsiblitiy for their own actions) I doubt Ronnie boy will look at them (Reasonable arguments are like water on the Wicked Witch of the West) [url:3iystj2v]http://www.scripturecatholic.com/blessed_virgin_mary.html#the_bvm-VII[/url:3iystj2v]

I could go on picking apart the fallacious and simplistic calumnies against Jesus, and His mother, let alone the repeted misrepresentations of Scripture and Catholic teaching that Ron spews, however it is evident that Ron does not look at or weigh the evidence let alone review with a prayerful heart any of the postings of links that people give, he simply shuts his mind consults his anti-Catholic sources, and ignores anyone but himself and his sources. I think everyone here knows he has no credibility, and his articles are simply a means of making a pitiful angry man puff himself up with pride. If he was honest he would add to, “Look what I wrote” the following self serving statements. “You guys don’t get it, you have to look to me for the answers” “I’m the only one who can teach you” “You may have answered with the facts, but my misrepresentations are from me, (I refuse to disclose my sources) so you have to believe them because I proclaim myself to be a self taught Bible expert.”, what other writings to you need aside from my warped interpretation of the Scriptures, devoid of understanding of the language, culture and situation at the times each of the books where either written or transmitted orally for several hundred years.”

BTW, I’ve not seen Ronnies reply to why there are more than one [u:3iystj2v]differing accounts [/u:3iystj2v]of Creation in the Bible, (See Gen 1 Gen 2 and the Psalms)[/url]