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[quote:9mrn0mvx]I don’t have to know everything on How or why we got what we have — but more important is to believe in what it says — unlike your supposedly correct “traditions” which you follow because of men. That would be my question to you-Why?[/quote:9mrn0mvx]

As we are taken on a trip further and further from the reality that God created, I’m wondering…. Did the TRANSLATION from the Original languages, of which only copies (and Catholic copies hand written by Catholic monastics at that) by some act of God either have a special indult from God so that King James (who’s authority to authorize a translation question like most questions was never answered) and his translators would have a copy not infected with Catholic “additions and modifications”? Or perhaps the translation floated down on a cloud, much like the cream cheese on the television commercial.

There is Faith that God created the Universe out of nothing, and Faith that He inspired men to write the Scriptures. And there is the Fiction that Fundies have created in order to deny what Christ did and said, in founding the Church, in having been given authority to bind and loose, or in His promise to remain with the Church until the consumation of the Earth…. But I guess if you want to be the only person who has the correct view, and can feel superior to everyone else, condemning them, and proclaiming that they know nothing, and you know everything, then it helps to live a life of fiction.