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[quote:q48ap2n9]I realize that it wouldn’t make sense (unless you were a believer) to do it that way before I said it. However since it speaks for itself and is God’s word, with no errors, I’ll quote it for everything. [/quote:q48ap2n9]

Quoting the Bible for everything is just plain foolish, when you do so based on private inspiration, and no understinding of the times, places, people, and their situations. It is also obvious that Protestants do not believe that the Holy Ghost tells them what is true, because we have seen different authors, and “authorities” and Protestant concordinances as well as commentaries quoted when the claim is “I did it on my own.” It has to be one or the other. Either the Bible is so clear that you don’t need any assistance because God will reveal to the true believer what the text means, or you need some help with some of the verses. If one is inspired by private interpretation, and it contradicts another’s inspiration, who is ultimatly correct, and how is that proven? If one needs assistance from time to time, by what authority is that assistance correct.

The story of creation is told twice in the Bible, in Chapters one and two of Gen. The accounts differ. What answer do we have from the Fundimentalist community about the apparent contradiction? We can start here, and move on to other apparent contradictions.

As a pre-emtive statement, against attacks that side track the discussion into “Bible Christians” are the only true believers, and Catholic’s don’t believe the Bible is the word of God, because they don’t require the belief in 7 24 hour days. I as a Catholic believe the Bible is the Word of God. Written by men who where inspired by God to write it. God is the Primary Author, without making individual men simple members of a Steno Pool writing verbatum what was dictated to them.