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[quote:1xqxrweh]I realize that it wouldn’t make sense (unless you were a believer) to do it that way before I said it. However since it speaks for itself and is God’s word, with no errors, I’ll quote it for everything.
So, in other words, you have to start with the belief that the Bible is the word of God, first and then use the Bible to prove that. That makes zero sense.

Saint James’ question was “how does one know the Bible is the Word of God?” and your answer would be “because it just is.” How is that an acceptable proof? It’s not. It’s circular reasoning.

There are no errors or mistakes in a math textbook and the “prophecies” (formulas and lessons) that lie within one are “fulfilled” (problems and exercises). Does this make a math book the word of God?

A Muslim will attest the same thing about their Qu’ran as you do the Bible – that all the prophetic areas have come true and it says within the book that it is the word of God. Does that make it so?

Do you see how your reasoning falls flat?