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I find that the ignorance of the Catholic faith is almost overwhelming.

First I think it starts with your everyday Catholic in the pew. A lot of Catholics are not aware of the beauty of the Catholic faith. I think overall spiritual formation must be much more aggressive at the parish level.

There is a real Catholic hatred in some Protestant circles that rival religious fanaticism. The desire to accurately portray facts concerning the Catholic faith among the fanatical faithful simply does not exist.

We need to live the Catholic faith to display the beauty of the faith. We each have a “work” to do for the kingdom. A ‘work” that can only be realized by each one of us in fulfillment of being conformed into the image of Christ.

When we do not do that “work” the image of Christ is obscured in us and we are not fulfilled in our faith. The work of God is hindered.

There is a beauty of the faith that only we are able to do as a part of the Body of Christ.