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Sad indeed that they who deny that a priest in the confessional can judge that a someone is sincere about their sorrow for their sins, and if not moved to believe that remind the person in the confessional that remores for offending God is essential to a valid absolution, impose a penance, let alone absolve, by the autority of and in the name of Jesus. That a priest cannot in or outside of the confessional condemn someone to hell, yet they can.

I also like the misrepresentations that the Council of Trent which simply re-affirmed what former councils had held as the Canon, is labled again to be the decisive moment that the Canon of Scriptures was formulated. Another attempt to lie to the masses and make them believe that the issue of the Canon only came up in the 16th Century, or the assertion that Faith in Christ is not found in the Catholic Church. While we do believe that Christ has given us the Sacraments and the assistance of the Angels, and that those who have died in union with Christ also compose the Church and can advocate for us, they only do so because Christ Jesus through His cross has elevated their works, rather than believing that our works without the Graces of the Cross of Christ have any merit.

It is apparent to those who would see, the Christ(s) they teach are false Christ(s) based on the changes that each of their denominations (or each believer) have (has) made to what was believed and preached by the Apostles and the Early Church, which had been delivered to them by Christ Himself.