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In 1523, the first Protestant martyrs were burned at Brussels. In 1524, peasants revolted citing Luther’s teachings and demanding more just economic conditions. Luther also stopped wearing the religious habit. In 1525, Martin Luther wrote Against the Murderous and Thieving Hordes of Peasants. At the Battle of Frankenhausen, 50,000 peasant lives were lost. By the time the uprising was quelled, nearly 100,000 lives were lost. The peasants believed Luther had betrayed them.

[color=red:2y8998ge]This same year, Martin Luther married former nun Katherine von Bora. They took up residence at Black Cloister, the former Augustinian monastery in Wittenberg. [/color:2y8998ge]
Church Leadership and Old Age: Though married late at nearly age 42, Martin Luther clearly enjoyed family life. Over the next 9 years, Katherine gave birth to 6 children ‚Äì two of whom would die before their father. His love for family is an on-going legacy ‚Äì reflected in the Christmas tree tradition begun for Martin’s family. And he composed the most basic of the Christmas carols “Away in a Manger.”