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I’ve found that you can derive more pleasure out of hitting your head with a rock than with trying to show the authentic teachings of Christ to someone who claims Sola Scriptura, and in the case of our resident basher feels that God has given him the charism to have the only correct interpretation of the Bible, which he either studied on his own as he claims, (a claim I find unbelievable as his writings are a mishmash of other anti-catholic writers, including sometimes word order and vocabulary that seems distant from when he writes his own bio, or posts here.) So I’ll just have to add to the Bible, and follow what our Lord says about “Shaking the dust from my sandles” but being a Catholic I have to “add to the Bible” and let everyone know that I promised to pray for his reversion to the Truth, and while it does not tell us to continue praying for those who reject the message, I’m going to add that to the teaching of Sola.