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Both “Churches” seem to me to be the logical conclusion of the Protestant Private Interpretation dogma. Like toothpaste that has been squeezed out of the tube, letting everyone become the judge of what the Bible means, and seek out Jesus and the meaning of the Bible on their own terms, based on how the Spirit Moves them, rather than putting the Bible where it should be as a tool given us by God, interpredted within the proper context, rather than just tossed out for anyone to interpret because they say “I’m a believer” The same goes for the premise that only the books that where edited down to the KJV and other translations that follow it’s lead. Bereft of historical context, and punting what we know the early Church held from the Fathers because it may say something we don’t want it to say about what the Church taught or ideas that where supressed by the Church, because they may be the same heretical errors we want to hold, Sola Scriptura is not a valid use of the Bible, but rather a hijacking of the Bible. Bp. Spong of the Episcopal Church, (feels odd to use him as an example as it is questionable that he even holds any orthodox Christan points of view.) wrote a book called Rescuing the Bible from the Fundimentalists. I cannot really comment, as I never read the book, but I bring it up because the title holds true. Sola Scriptura combined with Private interpretation, and a false sense of what the priesthood of all believers is in essence a hijacking of the Bible and the Faith. As even the devil can quote Scripture, Sola Scriptura leads to conflicting interpretations, which may not worry the Individual who says he holds to it, because they are usaually also sidetracked by trying to prove everyone else wrong and their interpretation as the only correct one, but it makes God and His word into a lie, because it is the source of confusion and heretical ideas that boil over into new sects taking people farther away from what Christ taught and the Church has safeguarded for two thousand years.

I could of course be wrong. God could have wanted everyone to have their own private religion and contradict each other, beleiveing anything that they imagined the Bible said without any understanding of what was believed by the Early Church… God could be the God of confusion, and I just have not been inspired to understand that yet.