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I attended a similar church. It was a seeker church affiliated with Willow Creek Church Association.

Some services I remember:

1) a service where Jesus’ name wasn’t mentioned once.

2) communion served but the elements (crackers) left unattended by the exit.

3) a sermon on knowing the Father through the Bible without mentioning through His Son.

Prayer always starts with “God” and ends “in Your Name Amen.” ( though I must say the head pastor would close the prayer in “Jesus Name”).

In other words the Trinity is not mentioned. The Father is not addressed at the beginning and Jesus is not mention at the end.

It is the “dumbing down” of Christianity. The Sunday service is focused on the non Christian. Theological terms that are confusing are avoided. Do not address the Father, folks may have baggage with their own father.

It is amazing , but this church has an attendance of around 6,000 people.

The music does “kick”. Sometimes I wondered would they come if the music didn’t “kick”?

But I do see the spiritual hunger that is out there. I firmly believe that if a movement of God will happen, it will happen through the Catholic church,
That is one of the reasons regarding the “Crisis” of abuse by some of the priesthood.

Judgment does begin at the house of God. I believe that Christ is cleansing, preparing His church for the task of evangelization and discipleship.

May we be used by His nailed scarred hand to present the Word of God, the Son made man, the Light of the world to a lost and dying humanity