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[color=darkblue:33yxbyeu]This is my experience with a non-denominational church in Eastlake Chula Vista, CA back in 2003. I might have already shared this with you all so please forgive me if I am repeating myself. Of course this is before I came back to the Catholic Church. My wife and I walk up to the main entrance, and there is a gauntlet of church staff on both sides of the sidewalk with stickers. The stickers read, “Hi, my name is;” and they would ask for our names, write it down on the sticker, and slap it on our chest. We both walk into this huge foyer area with a coffee shop and apparel shop to the right. They even had a little snack restaurant where you could order breakfast and take it easy for while. When we proceeded deeper inside, we got to sit down. On both sides of the wall, were huge projection screens and the theme for the worship service was, “What would Simon say?”(the American Idol guy). We also had brochures for that worship service and Simon was all over it on every page. Did not see one cross or one image of Jesus anywhere the entire time during the service! The pastor was giving his sermon from the top of his head with his subjective views on scripture, all the while making references to Simon Cowell. He didn’t even read out of the Bible, not once. The pastor was wearing some baggy khaki pants and a Hawaiian shirt. The band played great music, and a lot of it I might add. If I wanted to hear a lot of music(about 35 minutes worth), I would have sat in my car in the parking lot listening to the KLOVE Christian station. The service went on for and hour. About 35 minutes of the band playing, 15 minutes of preaching about scripture in relation to Simon, and about 10 minutes of video on the jumbotrons that played video on Simon’s remarks in comparison to remarks made by Jesus. No Communion service. Lets just all go home and watch American Idol and be glad we are not like Simon. [/color:33yxbyeu]