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Sant James says:

[quote:1zcguz9h]It is interesting that you did not respond to this: [/quote:1zcguz9h]
I thought I’ve responded, what do you want me to do – Lie?
“I have been on this forum for a very short time and I already know you are not convincing anyone. You have no credibility. And I have to say there are times you really don’t make any sense. ” [/quote:1zcguz9h]
Oh I make sense to those of whom are Born again believers. Its just in these circles where most reject what I say ecause they don’t make sense out of this.
Ron you need to understand this. Whereas people will care for you and respect your dignity, you are not taken seriously and your words and arguments do not command respect. [/quote:1zcguz9h]
They told Jesus the same type stuff when He spoke to them before killing Him – He said “if they persecute me they’ll persecute you as well.”

[quote:1zcguz9h]Ron, there are players and then there are haters(I used to coach basketball) and my friend you are a hater. [/quote:1zcguz9h]
Why because I don’t speak the same lingo?

[quote:1zcguz9h]But I will not hate you.[/quote:1zcguz9h]
nor will you consider what I’ve said

[quote:1zcguz9h]My question is this: how do you deal with knowing that you are not convincing anyone, and that your arguments are not taken seriously?[/quote:1zcguz9h]
The point is that there are others of whom neither you nor I know that watch and may realize what am saying is the truth!