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You are still not getting it.

You are making decisions of what to believe in based on your own preferences. You will believe Martin Luther in grace and faith alone but not regarding the sacraments.

Please understand this: you believe in Scripture alone because Martin Luther said it. This is actually a teaching tradition handed down generation by
generation. Baptist teaching is tradition handed down the same way.

Ron, I can see the way you conduct yourself. You haven’t realized that your argument was lost a while ago. Instead of honestly admitting this and facing reality, you will constantly do anything to come out on top.

But that’s not what is happening. Instead of coming out on top you end up digging a hole for yourself and you are constantly looking up without realizing it.

It is a sad thing when this happens. The key is not to justify yourself, the key is to humble yourself. This has great weight with God.

You need to ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish here. Is it motivated by love towards those you are communicating with, or are you expressing yourself with hatred?

I have been on this forum for a very short time and I already know you are not convincing anyone. You have no credibility. And I have to say there are times you really don’t make any sense.

I am not saying this to hurt you. I really do care for you and I am praying for you.

Instead of all your fighting and attacking folks Christ wants you to speak the truth in love.

First, you need to know His love. His love is on the Cross. He wants you to come with Him to be crucified with Him to ” share in His sufferings”.
To hide in the wounds of the Crucified One is the safest place to be. Rest in His love, take time to become like Him.

Second, pray that you love others the way Christ loves them. You love people that are different than you, you even love your enemies. You do consider us your enemy don’t you?

Third, realize Christ loves you. I think this is a key for you. You are constantly trying to lift yourself up by putting others down. You can never be wrong. This of course is pride, but with you I think that it is much more.

I might be wrong, (and I don’t want to be a therapist here) but I do think your are always trying to prove yourself worthy to earn the love first of your earthly father, then of your Heavenly Father. Now I know you know that you are not able to earn salvation, but we must also realize that we are unable to earn His love.

He does love you Ron. He wants you to love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength: not just faith for salvation. To love Christ is to be like Him. Read the Gospels, fall in love with Him.

Afterward, let Christ lead you to speak the truth in love, the love that led Christ to the Cross for me and for you.

I’ve struggled with trying to earn His love, now I pursue to know His love. Will you pray for me?