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Wow you guys are incredible! You say I blew it and totally ignored the meat of my message:

[quote:2dqq0wpq]As for faith and Scriptures, I again simply ask you to show me one book or passage that carries the ohmp that the Word of God has, just one, but know that there isn’t anything like it. In regards to Faith alone, our Salvation cannot be earned, it is a free gift through the grace of our Lord and what He did 2000 years ago at Calvary to pay for our sins. Any attempt to merit it nullifies grace[/quote:2dqq0wpq]
with no comment!

As for what St. James said:
[quote:2dqq0wpq]You are trying to prove your point by your own personal point of view.

You are are explaining the Bible by your own authority. [/quote:2dqq0wpq]

simple opinion or whatever, nothing proven unbiblical or you would have used it! Here”s what you said:
[quote:2dqq0wpq]So then it is Grace plus Faith

Then read v10- ” For we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works…”

So then it is Grace plus Faith = Good Works. [/quote:2dqq0wpq]
What does it say God’s grace + our faith = to do good works
notice it says grace (certainly not our grace) plus faith (In what Jesus did not what we do) to do good works (not to get saved by works, by many Scriptures)

Bernardine when are you going to pay attention? I haven’t been going in circles, you just have everything going over your head because you don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on. But since much of your family isn’t Catholic, maybe there is hope for you yet.

BTW- the game isn’t over and no need to justify myself, Jesus already took care of me. When will you get justified?