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The Scriptures do admonish us that the husband is the head of the household, and that women should be subject to their husbands. However many forget to read on about how a husband should cherish his wife. Marriage is a tough bargain when you do sharing the same faith, even more trying when you don’t. While there are standards that the Church requires, ie. your marriage should be witnessed by a priest, the non-catholic should be instructed in the Faith, not simply to attempt to convert them to the truths of the Faith, but so they will know what obligations the Catholic partner has to God, and there should be an attempt to raise any children as Catholics.

In a world not influenced by sin and self will, we would all serve God as close and intimate friends like Adam and Eve before the Fall. We don’t live in that kind of world, nor do we always fall in love with someone who shares our beliefs and dedication to God. While it is important for Catholics to be instructed in the Faith, and to practice their Faith from a point of knowledge and love of God and His will for us, that is not always the case. Sometimes Catholics who have fallen away from the practice of their religion or are lax about their obligations marry outside of the Church and only come to a realization that their Faith is important to them after they have children. (I’m discussing this in general, I don’t know your specific case, nor would I attempt to tell you how to live your life as I am not your spiritual director, and I don’t play one on TV) What I would suggest is that you find a good confessor and spiritual director, (usually the same priest) as you look for one don’t go just on personality, or other people’s reccomendation, but pray for guidance that you find a holy priest who can help you with your spiritual life, (all of us can continue to improve our relationship with God every day) and discuss these issues with him. He may suggest things you have not thought about.