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From what I have seen, aboutcatholics.com is not quite as intimidating to most when it comes to a place to ask questions and bounce things off of people.

Catholic Answers, by Karl Keating at [url:3salgwe5]http://www.catholic.com[/url:3salgwe5] is good for indepth answers. Karl and his crew are former fundimentalist Protestants who after study of the Bible and history have all come to the conclusion that the Catholic Church is the Church founded by Christ, and the one He promised not to abandon. When one reads accusations from Protestants that Catholics Worship Mary, or Pray to Idols, or “Added” books to the Bible, and want a balanced answer to the accusations it is a good source for information. When you simply want a place to ask questions and bounce ideas off of people or find resources you can come here and usually get good answers quickly.