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Weather, my kids are being raised Methodist so taking them to Mass with me would only complicate things.

I’m sure that raises a few hackles so let me say I’ve discussed this with my parish priest. He pointed out; A) There is no such denomination as Metholic or Cathodist so the kids should be raised in one or the other, not to try blending them. B) My responsibility is to be the best Catholic I can be and not worry about someone else.

Since he’s aware I reverted back to the Church AFTER this marriage I believe he knows of the tensions that are in play, especially since he himself comes from a religiously mixed marriage. From my own background of having a Catholic father and agnostic mother I can tell you that they exist, especially when one tries to impose their beliefs on the other. The priest was admonishing me to follow the example set by St. Monica, the mother of St. Augustine. In a later conversation he admitted as much.

While going through my Third Degree for the K of C I told this to another candidate, he started to expound on his own philosophy which basically was that a marriage is like a ship and a ship has only one captain. Whatever. Having been through two dysfunctional marriages I can tell El Capitain that attitude guarantees a mutiny! But his mind was already made up regardless of any facts.

But I do appreciate the advice given here. Thanks.