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[quote:ryhv26ew]It is interesting that Luther condemned those who did not adhere to a sacramental understanding of the Eucharist

With all his faults (theologically) Dr. Martin at least understood, (unlike Prots who denegrate Christ and the Sacraments He instituted) that the grace that comes as a fruit of the Sacraments is because the primary action is preformed by Christ himself through the means of His minister, not an action preformed by the minister alone. I am careful to use the term minister, as the ministers of the Sacrament of Matrimony are the couple with the priest as witness for the Church, and as a representative of the Church to ask God’s blessing on the marriage. So too with baptism, most Prots think that Catholics only hold a baptism by a RC priest to be vaild, as they think the Sacrament of Orders is held by Catholics to give priests “magic” powers, when in fact we hold that while the ordinary minister of baptism is the Bishop, who most commonly delegates the duty to the Pastor of parishes, and his associates, but in fact any person who has reached the age of reason may validly baptize if they use potable water and the proper form and intention. Why, because it is Christ Jesus who is the prime mover in all the Sacraments, and he used his minister as a means of dispensing His graces. By baptism we area all members of the priesthood (of believers, not to be confused with the sacerdotal priesthood given at orders) to the extent that we accept when we are baptized to become emessaryies of Christ, to spread either by word, or example His message of salvation.