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[quote:1ijzeg52]Otherwise, what will they do who are baptized for the dead, if the dead do not rise at all? Why then are they baptized for the dead?
1Cor 15:20

We know that Paul is making his apologia for the resurrection in 1Cor 15. Paul cites what seems to be a practice of faith within the Corinthian church, in that members of the church would be baptized for those departed before receiving it.

While this is one scolarly opionion, there are those at the Angelicum who follow St. Thomas Aquinas expl. that the “dead” in this case are those who’s souls are “dead” because of sin, original and actual, and not a corporal death. It does nonetheless show that there are difficult passages in the Holy Writ that require more than just personal inspiration to interpret. As St. James has well pointed out, most Fundie Pulpit pounding is done from the aspect of a few carefully selected “proof texts” quoted frequently and out of context, rather than the entire message.

Yesterday as I was brushing the dogs, I had a Moriss Cerillo “Revival” on the TV, the guest preacher has made millions of dollars going around preaching on “Seed Faith” This is a five or six year old rerun, that Cerillo and his gang show when they want extra money. The jist of the preacher, (and I’ve seen him on TBN from time to time with the same schtick) is that God laid it on his heart that the first three hundred to pledge a thousand dollars on a credit card will get a one hundred times return on their seed money. He went on for over an hour, talking only about how people who have given his ministry money have within 90 days got between two and one hundred times back from God. Now he never mentioned that they got back money. But he did tell quite a few stories of how people run up to him at airports around the world stuffing his pockets with money, so God can reward them. Brother X really does have a way with preaching the word as God inspires him don’t he!!! Amen!!!