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Indeed [b:3d4l3wdv]millenarianism[/b:3d4l3wdv] has been condemned. As I indicated in my post, and as is detailed at the link provided the [b:3d4l3wdv]millenium[/b:3d4l3wdv][b:3d4l3wdv] is different[/b:3d4l3wdv]…..[u:3d4l3wdv]it is not a modified form of millenarianism.[/u:3d4l3wdv] Please read the writing at the following URL noting the excerpts of the teachings of the Fathers, and Holy Scripture.


Note the words of Fr. Roux contained therein:

“It is important to note that the Magisterium has not yet made a definitive pronouncement about the “millennium” or “temporal kingdom.”.
Especially significant are the words of Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in this regard. Theologian Martino Penasa, presented him with this question of Christ’s spiritual millenary reign (not millenarianism), and the Cardinal reassured him that the matter is still open to discussion and that [b:3d4l3wdv]”the Holy See has not yet made any definite pronouncement in this regard.”[/b:3d4l3wdv]


Fr. Stefano Gobbi received messages from Our Lady from 1973 – 1997 (25 years). Such messages teach extensively on the forthcoming Era of Peace. Fr. Gobbi’s messages carry [color=red:3d4l3wdv][b:3d4l3wdv]IMPRIMATURS[/b:3d4l3wdv] [/color:3d4l3wdv]from 3 Cardinals, several Archbishops, and several Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church. The three Cardinals in question are: the late Cardinal Echeverria of Ecuador, Cardinal Vidal of the Philippines and Cardinal Mikai of Thailand.

While the Imprimatur is not a declaration of authenticity of the messages being received from Our Lady, it does assure the reader that the messages are FREE FROM DOCTRINAL ERROR – i.e. they do not contain anything, which is contrary to the Catholic faith or morals.

The website of the Marian Movement of Priests which he founded pursuant to the directions of Our Lady can be found at:



The Catholic Theologian, Fr. Ianuzzi, has written a book about it entitled: “The Triumph of God’s Kingdom in the Millennium and End Times”. The book teaches of the forthcoming Era of Peace and carries the [b:3d4l3wdv][color=red:3d4l3wdv]IMPRIMATUR.[/color:3d4l3wdv][/b:3d4l3wdv]

You can find such book here:


The Era of Peace will soon be here!