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It is sad that so many falsehoods have been spread, and are continuing to be spread about the Apostolic Church. Satan never sleeps.

You are correct. Never has the Church suppressed Holy Scripture. Why would she, we wrote it for a reason. We read three readings from it and include a responsorial reading from the psalms at each daily Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Liturgy of the Word is indeed a major component of each Holy Mass.


[b:3imoi7dh]Furthermore, such readings are on a 3 year cycle, such that every three years we cover the complete Bible[/b:3imoi7dh] (with the exception of certain proverbs, all of the historical begatting, and certain historical accounts of the Davidic kings).

BTW: Note the first reading for today’s Mass 4/29/07:

Reading 1
Acts 13:14, 43-52

Paul and Barnabas continued on from Perga
and reached Antioch in Pisidia.
On the sabbath they entered the synagogue and took their seats.
Many Jews and worshipers who were converts to Judaism
followed Paul and Barnabas, who [color=red:3imoi7dh]spoke[/color:3imoi7dh] to them
and urged them to remain faithful to the grace of God.

On the following sabbath almost the whole city gathered
to [color=red:3imoi7dh]hear[/color:3imoi7dh] the word of the Lord.
When the Jews saw the crowds, they were filled with jealousy
and with violent abuse contradicted[color=red:3imoi7dh] what Paul said.[/color:3imoi7dh]Both Paul and Barnabas [color=red:3imoi7dh]spoke out boldly and said,[/color:3imoi7dh]
“It was necessary that the word of God be spoken to you first,
but since you reject it
and condemn yourselves as unworthy of eternal life,
we now turn to the Gentiles.
For so the Lord has commanded us,
I have made you a light to the Gentiles,
that you may be an instrument of salvation
to the ends of the earth.”

The Gentiles were delighted when they [color=red:3imoi7dh]heard [/color:3imoi7dh]this
and glorified the word of the Lord.
All who were destined for eternal life came to believe,
and [color=red:3imoi7dh]the word of the Lord continued to spread[/color:3imoi7dh] [color=blue:3imoi7dh][How was it spread at such time? By mass mailings of the written Word? Or by Tradition — the handing down of the Faith?][/color:3imoi7dh]through the whole region.

The Jews, however, incited the women of prominence who were worshipers
and the leading men of the city,
stirred up a persecution against Paul and Barnabas,
and expelled them from their territory.
So they shook the dust from their feet in protest against them,
and went to Iconium.
The disciples were filled with joy and the Holy Spirit.