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Good references, all I would add to the article you link is that when the first printing press with movable type was invented by Guttenburg the first Bibles printed where Catholic Bibles. (Just up the street from me at the Huntington Library we have the great fortune of having two copies which are on display so I can go and read from them at will) So much for the Catholic Church trying to supress the Scriptures.

While on the subject, (and I’ll make this quick so I can have time to get ready for Mass) If the Catholic Church was so hell bent on supressing the Bible, why would Catholic Monks have copied the Scriptures by hand over so many centuries. Why would the Catholic Liturgical Rites, from the Mass, Breviary, Rites for dispensing the Sacraments be composed primarily of Scripture or require that portions of both the Old and New Testaments be used on a daily basis? Catholic Liturgical life is filled with Scripture, not as a dead letter, but as a living source of our Worship of God. Why where there approved Catholic versions of the Bible in the languages of the People before the first word of the KJV or Luther’s Translation where not simply written down, but before either man was born? And last but not least, (for now) Why was the first book printed on movable type a printing of several hundred copies of the Catholic Edition of the Bible.

So much for the Protestants who say the Church tried to supress the BIBLE. Now to go and make ready myself for Mass, adding to my spiritual prep this week thanksgiving to God that as a Catholic I can live the Bible, through it’s living use in the Liturgy.