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Mr. LARoberts says:

[quote:259xo3kk]Well finally, you did one thing you where asked. You answered a question. You where honest about your feelings, this is the first step in your recovery[/quote:259xo3kk].
[b:259xo3kk]All I will say here is that finally you see I’ve been honest and sincere the whole time. But your l letter shows that you’d make a poor doctor in your remedy.[/b:259xo3kk]

[quote:259xo3kk] I have faith you will return home to Christ and His Church. [/quote:259xo3kk]
[b:259xo3kk]understand this if you can – I’m already there, you are the one that isn’t![/b:259xo3kk]

[quote:259xo3kk]I won’t reply to your outbursts for the time being, but be assured, you will remain in my prayers.[/quote:259xo3kk]
[b:259xo3kk]You probably would reply if you were able to.[/b:259xo3kk]