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yes the same ones that we see in the Bible. Is that so hard to understand?

I really don’t think I’m the one that misunderstands this passage. [/quote:i8dvec6f]

[b:i8dvec6f]Naturally you wouldn’t, you don’t know better on that either[/b:i8dvec6f]
Wait a minute! Your last post was about debating, now you just turned bitter. Why? Or is it as that old saying goes – the truth hurts???

Nope, just thought I was debating with an adult, guess you have proved me wrong on that presumtion. [/quote:i8dvec6f]Quote:
[b:i8dvec6f]No problem doing that – Its trying to get you to swallow your pride that is difficult[/b:i8dvec6f][quote:i8dvec6f][quote:i8dvec6f]
so you say (what was that part about ignorance????)

Tempting to stoop to your level, but someone has to be an adult here. As you are a guest in a Catholic forum, I’ll try and be one. [/quote:i8dvec6f][/quote:i8dvec6f]Wow are you impressive now, or what? Now that we have that settled, lets see who is following God’s instruction sheets – The Bible
[b:i8dvec6f]Okay then tell me where there is anything from God that compares to the Bible, just one (truthful) thing mr. LAR [/b:i8dvec6f]
I’ve seen little truth in your postings, simply evasion and mis-direction. [/quote:i8dvec6f]
[b:i8dvec6f]Then answer the question instead of being “simply evasive and mis-directed” as you suggest I am.[/b:i8dvec6f]
[quote:i8dvec6f]I stated before and I’ll say it again, I don’t believe in Sola Scriptura I have studied and taught the Scriptures at a University level to both Catholics and Protestants and I just have found it to be false. Based on a study of the Scriptures in the Original languages, both as a foundation as a Jew (Sephardic as I mentioned early on in my time here on the board) through my early adulthood, my few years at the Evangelical Free Chruch, and a study of the facts presented by Bart Brewer and his buddies attacking the Church, only to find out they misrepresented it at every turn, (Thanks be to God for the night Bart taught, “You have to be like wolves in sheeps clothing and attack Catholics who are ignorant of what their Church teaches” for making me go to the source and have him expel me when I asked him questions based on facts I learned from reading authentically Catholic books.
[b:i8dvec6f]They might be catholic but I highly doubt that they are filled with facts![/b:i8dvec6f]

[quote:i8dvec6f]I do believe what the Early Church believed, that there are two forms of Tradition; oral and written (Sacred Scripture). That they hold equal weight.[/quote:i8dvec6f]
[b:i8dvec6f]Which is it – the early way or today’s Catholic?[/b:i8dvec6f]

only if they say the same Biblical point such as Galations 1
[quote:i8dvec6f]That the Holy Ghost which was promised by Christ Jesus has led the Catholic Church from the day of Penticost and that the Church has never taught as formal dogma anything that is untrue.[/quote:i8dvec6f]
[b:i8dvec6f]Jesus has never led anyone in lies – I guess that leaves out the RCC as His Church![/b:i8dvec6f]
[quote:i8dvec6f]You may find that hard to swallow, as you have to trust in the word and work of Christ Jesus when he gives His authority to men, and promises to remain with them. But I’d rather base my life on Christ’s promises, and trust that He will keep them than my own personal interpretation of His word based on the writings of men who fifteen hundred years after the fact decided to abandon what had been taught by the Apostles both within the context of Scripture and through oral tradition.[/quote:i8dvec6f]
[b:i8dvec6f]Matthew 22:29 in referrance to this[/b:i8dvec6f].
You Ron have been tedious about the fact that you reject what the early Church held, and hold to Sola Scriptura, but I just can’t buy it. [/quote:i8dvec6f]
[b:i8dvec6f]I just tell you the facts – you have a free will to accept or reject what Christ accomplished at Calvary to follow your whatever…[/b:i8dvec6f][quote:i8dvec6f]
Who would I cast my lot with, someone who decides his personal interpretation of Scripture is correct, or the Apostles their desciples and their direct successors. Great scholars and saints like Irenaeus, Cyprian,
Cyril of Jerusalem, or Ron who tells me that isolated in the 20th and 21rst Centuries with all on his own he understands an english translation of a Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts written in the Middle East at a time long ago, with cultural and religious ideas that he is not familar with? I’d say I would trust the former, and I’d say that having the facility to read the Hebrew and Greek on my own, as well as the Latin text of commentaries written by men much more learned and holy than myself, (note that unlike yourself I don’t speculate or postulate on the status of your soul before God, simply the errors and hate that you spread around the internet, although they seem to be mitigated by the apparent superficial knowledge of the Catholic Faith and your often stated lack of interest in historical facts.) So in view of your lack of reasonable response I would say it is you who does not want an honest debate, but simply a place to vent your anger at the Church, and feel just a little bit superior to everyone else. I’m sorry if someone who was a member of the Church hurt you or your feelings when you where younger, but then again the Church is a hospital for sinners, not a spa for saints, (at least in this lifetime.) [/quote:i8dvec6f]
[b:i8dvec6f]To late LAR – you already are mixed up[/b:i8dvec6f]

[quote:i8dvec6f]One last question/comment before I let you get back to frothing at the mouth, and myself to dealing with people who want to engage in honest debate and praying that through the intecession of Our Lady [/quote:i8dvec6f]
[b:i8dvec6f]Here is another fact – Mary isn’t going to intercede for you or anyone. Lots of luck![/b:i8dvec6f][quote:i8dvec6f]and All the Saints God’s grace works it’s way into your soul and gives you the peace that only He and appointed body the Church can give,[/quote:i8dvec6f]
[b:i8dvec6f]This much of your prayer has already happened, time now to start working on your salvation[/b:i8dvec6f]
[quote:i8dvec6f] you never replied to the question about divorce. [/quote:i8dvec6f]
[b:i8dvec6f]Didn’t I say tht there were only two ways to get divorced Biblically?[/b:i8dvec6f]

[quote:i8dvec6f]You simply deflected with a non issue asking what the Bible says about Annulments.[/quote:i8dvec6f]

[quote:i8dvec6f]So if you would please, tell us what the divorce answer is, and (once again without cutting and pasting from a Catholic online source) tell us what Annulments are. Remember as Catholics the Bible is not the only source of authority, so you can’t suck me into a false argument that annulments are not mentioned in the Bible. And I’ll keep praying for you[/quote:i8dvec6f]

[b:i8dvec6f]Annulments – The Church tells (for a small fee) that one’s marraige was never acceptable in God’s eyes for a number of reasons and declares it to never have happened[/b:i8dvec6f]

Now what?[/b]