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Ok, look, I happen to live in that archdiocese and I know Archbishop Harry Flynn personally.

The Desert Voice is an ultra-conservative, right-wing group within the church that adores Fr. Altier just a little too much. They promote an agenda that is very narrow minded.

Archbishop Flynn does not push or promote any homosexual agenda. He has in fact banned the rainbow sash people from using the Mass as a political tool. He has publicly rebuked them! http://www.rainbowsashallianceusa.org/FromFlynn05.htm

The VIRTUS program is not evil nor does it push any homosexual or otherwise sexually deviant agenda. I can’t speak for TAT because I do not believe my parish uses it.

The issues talked about in that article are not unilateral but are multi-layered. It’s those kinds of issues in which narrow-minded people with their own agenda tend to muddle up the facts to suit their personal needs and scare the hell out of other people into thinking the way they do.

This article is pure propaganda and I’m pretty close to deleting it from my website.

Archbishop Flynn is a very faithful bishop and it boggles my mind that others would fall into the trap of these ultra-conservatives into believing what they say with muddled facts and shreds of evidence.