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Hello LARoberts, I wondered how you were doing and how long before you’d speak up again. So this is your idea, to get the Cathlic Church out from under the Light AND TO CHANGE THE FOCUS away?

You stated–[quote:66v4md8o]
No Catholic who knows his Faith would deny that the Bible is Inspired of God, a work of the Holy Ghost, by the cooperation of men. My question to you is this. [/quote:66v4md8o]
BY “His faith” you obviously mean a Catholic that knows “Catholicism” as you wished it was, don’t you?
How do you come to accept as canonical those books that are in the Bible, or Bibles (you’ve never really expounded on what translation you use, and aside from the many vernacular translations acceptable for Catholics, including the fifty or so that where availible to Catholics before Luther and other founders of Protestant Churches rejected portions of the Bible that did not fit his own doctrine.) [/quote:66v4md8o]
Now what does that matter except to build your religion by tearing me down? (Not to mention how you slyly include your so called Apocrapha Books as if they were to be Biblical)

[quote:66v4md8o]If you accept the KJV Which one, as very first edition had the books now rejected from the canon.[/quote:66v4md8o]
Now the attempt to question my Bible? that isn’t the first time I’ve seen that type of diversion. Have I been misquoting a verse Mr. LAR? If we both know that Scriptures are by God and I haven’t been misquoting, then why such a question?
As there where other epistles of St. Paul, and other books that where read during the early liturgical services of the Church in some areas and accepted by some Churches as inspired and others that are included in the current canon (those NT books accepted by both Catholics and Protestants) that where rejected by some early Churches. [/quote:66v4md8o]
How we got the Bible doesn’t really matter as long as one uses it to find Jesus and since we both agree on the New Testament books, I feel you are just trying to be evasive.

[quote:66v4md8o]Further as you do not accept the authority of Peter as the Vicar of Christ, nor the Apostles (or their legitimate successors) as having authority given the by Christ to decide on issues that don’t appear in the Scriptures, or to explain further what was only breifly described in the Scriptures, (Christ Himself went on to explain to those jews who came close to the Sola Scriptura position what the hidden meanings of the scriptures where, and even commented on how difficult some things where to understand.) So how did the canon come to be, by what authority do you accept the books you do. Can a “Believer” reject a book or two because it does not seem inspired to him, as Luther wanted to do?. This is not a trick question, but as you continue to attack the Catholic Church and her teachings, while not disclosing what denomination or sect you adhere to, nor are you straightforward about the sources of your interpretation of the Scripture, (your website muddles and contradicts itself on this matter) I in order to answer your accusations and attacks at the Body of Christ, just want to know.

Peter never was a pope as Scriptures show he was a very importanyt apostle, but as Acts 15 shows James was also part of yhe early Church ( and another person as well) And Galations 2 shows Paul rebuking Peter
so much for his vicarship!
The rest is just you building a diversionary from the topic at hand – [i:66v4md8o][u:66v4md8o][b:66v4md8o]is Catholicism God’s Church?[/b:66v4md8o][/u:66v4md8o][/i:66v4md8o]

How do you figure my website muddles or contradicts itself is what I just want to know?