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[color=blue:2egopmjy]Your quote[/color:2egopmjy] [color=darkred:2egopmjy]We do it once a month so that it doesn’t become just a meaningless ritual [/color:2egopmjy]

:cry: [color=darkred:2egopmjy]SHAME[/color:2egopmjy] on you Ron if you think receiving the body and blood of Christ more then ONCE a month can become meaningless(you must of lost your senses),The body and blood of Christ should be received as many times as possible(daily would be great).There is a so called church in California that uses harden bread and Pepsi for communion and after the service a janitor sweeps up the crumbs on the floor and throws them away(can you believe that?)It’s true,anyhow it sad you broken away from the True meaning of communion.