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[quote:1x93n2vi]I sent the following questions and comments to your website that LARoberts has and we’ll see what kind of answers they send back. [/quote:1x93n2vi]

Garbled and confused as usual, I don’t have a website. I do wish I had the time to spend building and maintaining one though. The questions you have asked have been answered, you have simply refused to accept them as anything but “Catholic Brainwashing” Books written by Former Protestants who have seen the inevidable truth that the only Church that has maintained itself since Christ Jesus is the Catholic Church you have labeld as Evil, without even reading them. I at least have read anti-catholic liturature from cover to cover, prayed for inspiration from the Holy Ghost before and after reading it, and found it to be contorted, filled with half truths when not complete falsifications, or simply uncredible.

What I will do is spend a little time each day this week composing repies to those items which you have rejected the replies to from myself and others, both here and on other websites that you have barraged, I will hopefully post the replies on or shortly after Easter. This week however I will be focusing any time I am not at work on contempating the great work of Christ over the observance of Holy Week. I’ll not be visiting Forums or Boards over Holy Week, so I can focus on our Lord.

I would ask you one thing Ron. Pray that your heart will be open to the truth, even if God’s truth turns out not to be what you expect it to be. Open yourself to the fullness of His Grace. I will not define for you here what that Grace and Truth is, we will let God show you that. If it remains without any manipulation of the facts on your side the 16th Century Christianity that you hold, I’ll continue praying for you. So look for my last reply to you on or after Easter, as I won’t be spending time on someone who asks and does not want to hear a cogent reply.