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Jon: your comment does bring up a good point. Since the state of catechetical teaching is so poor nowadays. It is also common for people to think His name was Jesus H Christ. This comes from the middle ages when Jesus was abbreviated as JHS or IHS, which is a transliteration of the Greek abbreviation IC XC (Jesus Christ abbreviated) Anti-Catholics like Hislop, who looked for anything that may even in the slightest way be paired up with ancient Pagan Mythology to “disprove” the teachings Christ gave to the Church started a lie that IHS was the abbreviation of Isis Horace Set (Sometimes called Seth in older textbooks) as “proof” that the Catholic Church was of Pagan origins. Hislop along with a few other fabricators was exposed as a dullard and dupe, and his “research” turned out to be a rehashing of other Anti-Catholic inventions.

Hislop’s paranoid psychosis went so far as claiming that candles where a Catholic Invention, and that Priests wearing special clothing where a Catholic Invention. So I guess if we disrgard authentic history and take Hislop’s stance, (which I may suggest everyone read, as you’ll quickly see that many online Anti-Catholics who’s arguments including misspellings come directly from Hislop and a few other anti-Catholics of the 1880′ and turn of the century’s books.) then we can’t use candles, and rather than inventions of special clothing worn by priests, the Church being conservative, (meaning retaining those things passed onto us from previous generations) retained the clothing common of the period when Christ founded the Church, (vestments used today are simply modern interpretations of the day to day clothing worn in the Mediterranian in the days of Christ and the Apostles.

Summing it up, those ignorant or blind to history are caught unaware of the truth that is ignored by Anti-Catholics like Hislop and his followers. Yet these same “Bible Believing” folks who reject all things Catholic, swallow Hislop hook line and sinker, and place more credence in his books because they trash Christ and His Church than the Catholic Church gives authority to the Pope. Living in a LaLa land of ones own invention must have it’s benefits, but I guess there are those who would rather that you believe they and their private interpretations of the Bible are always correct rather than those of us who would rather believe that Christ is always correct and as God He could found a Church and uphold His promise to remain with it until the consumation of the earth.