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I can just imagine him in a dress and wig, like the guy who played the “Church Lady” on the old Saturday Night Live. I was never up late enough to watch the entire program, but I have seen tapes of the Church Lady… Smug, always ignoring the whole picture and distorting what others said. Much the same Ronald distorts my suggestion that he look over his webpage for contradictory statements he makes and wanders off into an entirely different universe talking about how his content agrees with those of other diluded Anti-Catholics.

At least as Catholics we can use humor, and parody, be it Rabid Anti-Catholics, or ourselves. One of the main reasons for this is the Protestant mind, as it gets closer to Calvin and the Puritan Movements, has no room for humor. Unlike Catholics who believe in a God who loves us because we are His creation, and reaches out to us out of Love, and because He sees in us the potential to be elevated to what He intended for mankind before the fall, (when we attain the Beatific Vision).

The Protestant looks at the world from the point of being of no value to God, a total reprobate, unworthy of God’s mercy. Lutheran Theology describes mankind and our souls as being dung hills. God tricks Himself and looks away, ignoring our reprobate souls and covers us in grace despite our unworthiness. However as Catholics God sees us as sons and daughters who have fallen into error, and calls us back to Him because He as our Creator sees what we can become, rather than looking only at our rejection of Him.

Catholics we believe that God is merciful, and deals with each soul based on the knowledge they have of Him. In the case of an Aboriginal man who has never heard the Good News, or been baptized God will deal with Him according to His mercy. We do not know, even though theologians have speculated; After death God may give this pagan full knowledge of the truth and allow him to choose God or reject Him. He may give the soul of a just pagan who has never been evangelized a place of perfect happiness, (Limbo). The Church has never defined what the disposition of that soul is, because it has not been revealed to us.

In the case of lapsed Catholics who take the Rabid Anti-Catholic stance of people like Ron. God will not stop sending grace even though Ron may for the present time refuse it and continue to blind himself to historical facts, and any point of view that does not concur with his own authority, and his own interpretation, which when it disagrees with the other people who write in the “Christian” newspaper he “writes” for, he rejects and condemns as Non-Biblical*. The Church teaches that we cannot do as he does, and proclaim them to be damned, or “not saved” as he by his limiting of God an His mercy does. Ron, at least at the present time appears to be suffering from Invincible Ignorance. Invincible Ignorance is a state in which someone cannot hear the Truth of God and the Message of Christ Jesus which He gave to His Church in order to spread the message of salvation to the ends of the world. In Ron’s case, it would appear that he is so vested in his errors, and so prejudiced against the Church, that he cannot or refuses to accept what she teaches, and has held since being commissioned by Christ. As Catholics we cannot dismiss Ronald or anyone else to hellfire, we must depend on God to make that final determination. Thus as individual Catholics we are relieved of the burden of making Judgements for God, and condemning others based on our own determination of how someone’s soul will be judged by God.

*Having read copies of the paper online, it would appear that most anyone can submit an article and have it published if they live in the area, and claim to be a Christian. Some of the writers have even included Catholics and Catholic Ritual and Tradition as a valid Christian alternative. Seems odd that Ronald would be a part of such an evil paper as one that accepts the Catholic faith, (at least on the part of some article submissions). Run, don’t walk away from your paper Ron, you may learn tact and tollerance for others, (which does not imply acceptance of their viewpoints.)