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LARoberts tells me
[quote:weckydfz]Ronald, I know you will be unable to see this, as your myopia gets the best of you, but I was simply aping your behavior here and on other boards where I have read and observed the same shameless behavior.

By the way, in the break before your next attacks at logic, history and rational thought. Not to mention the unbroken interpretation of Sacred Scripture from the Church which Christ promised not to abandon. You may want to review your webpage first with Spellcheck and then for the glaring inconsistancies in your dualing “Testamonies”.[/quote:weckydfz]

MY myopia? I simply point out your attacks are not very “christian” like. As for me? – I’m trying to show you that what your beliefs are in the reality of how they do NOT match up with the Bible, despite your claims and “evidences” that you so proudly like to declare.

I’m glad my web page says the same as the others — at least you read them and they are consistent. God doesn’t care about my mispelling as much as He does about you ignoring what the message says. Time for you to get your house in order Mr. LARoberts!