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[quote:by0p7nw1]I don’t think you are reading anything there with an unbiased opinion[/quote:by0p7nw1]Nope. I freely admit that I am biased towards Catholicism.

[quote:by0p7nw1]I think he is super and should be taken seriously as he has much to say about Roman Catholicism[/quote:by0p7nw1]How much he has to say is irrelevant. What he has to say and how he says it is of concern to me. I have only read that one article to date. I took exception with the how as detailed above. If you really care, I can tell you where he went wrong in the what as well.

[quote:by0p7nw1]I’ve met Mike and I see nothing out of line with Scriptures as He does give a good reason behind everything he posts – and very Biblical too[/quote:by0p7nw1]So because he tells you what you already believe and agree with he is Scriptural, biblical, and possessed of good reason. How many factual and logical errors would I have to point out in the Hard Questions article in order for you to believe otherwise?

You think that I am biased in my reading. I am. And I can guarantee you are equally yet oppositely biased in yours.