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[quote:2g0zfh3d][quote:2g0zfh3d]Was it necessary?
If so, why?
If not, why?[/quote:2g0zfh3d]
[quote:2g0zfh3d]She had to be made spotless and free from sin because she was to carry the New Covenant, Jesus.[/quote:2g0zfh3d]
It was not necessary. God did not have to do it. It was appropriate. It was right. It was fitting. But it was not necessary. If God so chose, Jesus could have been born of the incarnation of the Devil himself.

Instead, God granted Mary the inestimable grace that made her kecharitomene (“you who have been fully and perfectly graced”) because He wanted to. God the Father wanted a pure Ark for His Son. Jesus wanted His mother to have that grace. It is all the more beautiful for being chosen than forced, just like free will allows us to choose to love God instead of being forced.[/quote:2g0zfh3d]

[color=darkred:2g0zfh3d]Awesome! So the next question is why dogmatize something that is not “necessary”?

This is something that was asked to me by an Eastern Orthodox to give you some context.[/color:2g0zfh3d]