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[quote:3c5vpli9][color=darkblue:3c5vpli9]This is a topic I need to do a lot more research on. I remember listening to the catholic radio station here in Moorhead, and it was a EWTN program, and the Immaculate Conception topic came up. The woman apologist was asked about the very words “Immaculate Conception” in regards to who came up with those exact words and how they originated. The apologist said she didn’t even know, and she seemed surprised she didn’t know. She told the caller to call back when father Mitch Pacwa was the host. So I have the same questions as you Victor. [/color:3c5vpli9][/quote:3c5vpli9]
[color=darkred:3c5vpli9]Actually, I’m playing devil’s advocate in hopes of stirring our catholic noggins to think. I’m by no means a theologian but I think I know the answer. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” /> [/color:3c5vpli9]