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[quote:3ayruhx9]The question for this posting claims –

[b:3ayruhx9]Why is the Catholic Religion the truth?[/b:3ayruhx9]

Mr. Weathers says:
Because it’s the only religion founded by the Son of God Himself.
It’s the only religion that is one, holy, catholic & apostolic. [/quote:3ayruhx9]
Have you noticed that they (the catholics) claim that they are but why, so do the Mormons and others (claim that their particular religion is the only way)? Circular reasoning isn’t a good answer. And Matthew 16:18 is a typical example of twisting Scriptures to make it appear Biblical. Matthew 16:18 Jesus just responded to Peter’s remark of “that He is the Christ” and He never said that Peter was the Rock or that it was Peter’s church. Scriptures show that He (Jesus) is the rock in other places as well.
Matthew 16:18. In Matthew 16:18, we have the promise that “the gates of hell shall not prevail” against the Church that is to be built on the rock; [/quote:3ayruhx9]
That Rock is always Jesus – even Peter acknowledges that

[quote:3ayruhx9]and this also, we maintain, implies the assurance of the Church’s infallibility in the exercise of her teaching office.[/quote:3ayruhx9]
Another example of how presumptions mislead – Jesus said that the gates of Hell would not prevsil against it – He never said that individuals were to be infallible (Or groups of individuals) and we are told that we should beware of deceptions.

Everything else that He said was likewise resting upon their “presumptions.”

including his later post of:
The thing I can’t get into other peoples heads is other “religion’s” were made by sinful men or women,the Catholic Church was created by God.[/quote:3ayruhx9]
And this is not surprising as whenever they see the words church, they automatically think it says “Catholic” in front of the word church. Again who is saying that Roman Catholics was started by God but other Catholics? Answer -the catholics themselves – considering their fruits they are only deceiving themselves

LARoberts adds – [quote:3ayruhx9]That is why we have to take a dual assault, for their minds and for their hearts. The heart can be won over by praying that through the intersession of our Lady and the Saints they come to the realization of God’s truth. I’ve seen people more hardened against the Church than Ron crumple and come to the Faith through prayer and acts of compassion[/quote:3ayruhx9]
another unbiblical remark – “through the intercession of Mary and Saints”
yet this is another tradition that they believe, however Scriptures in no way backs that up – Acts 4:12 and 1 Timothy 2:5

[u:3ayruhx9][b:3ayruhx9]When are you going to learn the truth guys???? [/b:3ayruhx9][/u:3ayruhx9][/quote:3ayruhx9]

[color=blue:3ayruhx9]Matthew 16:18. In Matthew 16:18, we have the promise that “the gates of hell shall not prevail” against the Church that is to be built on the rock;[/color:3ayruhx9]

Exactly,he said “the Church” which church do you think he means??Not churchs that were made by [color=red:3ayruhx9]SINFUL [/color:3ayruhx9]men but the Catholic Church which was made by Jesus,it appears Ron that you don’t get it.